31 Minute Treadmill Workout

Due to the rain, I hopped on the treadmill at the hotel and opted for a 30 minute interval workout one evening. 

I like to pretend that if I was a treadmill aficionado, I would do workouts like IowaGirlEats.  However, as a newbie on the treadmill (I prefer to run outside as much as possible…and…I don’t own a treadmill at home), I made my own version of a 30-minute interval workout!  I did a 0.5 mile warm-up, and a 0.5 mile cooldown, and then the following sequence for my workout:

Minute Speed Incline
0-1 4.0 1%
1-3 6.3 1%
3-5 6.5 1%
5-7 6.3 1%
7-9 6.0 1%
9-11 4.0 1%
11-31 Repeat 1-11 two more times 1%

It worked up quite a lil’ sweat, so I thought I would share!

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